If liquid drum and bass could be an animal it would be me, in the moments where I was reflecting on my personality and what I’ve become and I by mistakenly fused with liquid drum and bass music. Who would’ve predicted that? Though, as you might not know (cause I’m extremely uncertain as to whether or not anyone knows me or is even reading this), I listen to a wide variety of music but this, drum and bass, has connected with my soul on a new exciting level. Like taking a deep breath and discovering new smells in the air. That’s how I feel about it.
Before the past month and a bit, I use to just skip past drum and bass music. My ex use to love it, he’d play it on the quiet weekends we would spend together whilst we spoke. I never really registered what it was till one day I asked, not because I liked it, but just because it was something he seemed to play a lot. I know what you’re thinking, another story about how an ex has influenced a girl into liking something she previously didn’t even care about but this one isn’t like that. I honestly disliked it up till a few months ago. The furthest I could go into drum and bass music was Rudimental, and even then it was because the music was more digestible but as the month progress (to be exact: February 2015) I stumbled onto the UKF Drum and bass YouTube channel and thereafter I happened upon a Fred V & Grafix song and honestly I fell head over hills in love with the sound.
Forest Fires by Fred V & Grafix was the song, the track that actually changed my personality a tiny bit. I actually began to gravitate towards music that I could nod my head back and forth (a little violently I might add). Began exploring YouTube more, checking out which liquid DnB was the best and which mixes I could play whilst studying then, after downloading and enjoy the full Fred V album, I came across Etherwood (who happens to actually be a featured artist on Forest fires). Their sound, infinitely different from FredV&Grafix yet more endearing, like a warm hug after a cold winter. As I write this, I’m actually listening to them.
Drum and Bass has literally lightened up my obviously depressed life. I connected to it as one would with a person. I feel like the relationship between it and myself will grow, beautifully (sounds a bit creepy now that I read it but you all know what I mean).

With Love