Welcome to procrastination station! Population? Me…
About 13 days ago (from GMT +1), I decided that this year was going to be the year. The year in which I take my blog and it’s followers seriously and blog every few days. Though not to say I don’t take them seriously right now, just that I haven’t been active for over 3 months (whoops).

As new year resolutions go, they are often forgotten about after a few hours by me. As a result of my rather bad memory, I have failed to post a single thing after making this steep resolution. And do you know what the kicker is? I’ve been at home for about 90% of the three months watching Wes Anderson films and being sad about my existence. One would think a good “woah-me” story would’ve found its way onto this blog but surprisingly it hasn’t! Not yet, that is.

Since being home I have done nothing of great value with my life, except baby sitting my cousins babies. Who, might I add, repeatedly asked who I was or why I was still asleep at 7am like I’m the weirdo who wakes up too late. It was extremely mental, especially since the baby sitting was done with the help of my mother, who seemed just too content in waking me up at the crack of dawn for absolutely no real reason. I am NOT a morning person at all! No amount of cuteness can bring me back out of the rage storm that brews within me when someone wakes me up before 9:30AM. But as it went, during the baby sitting days, I ran on three hours of sleep, a lot of coffee and nap times! One would wonder if I’m really in university, I’m a slave to these people!

Those days passed, New Year’s Eve passed which, might I also add, was the day I was violently sick after a child with some illness sneezed in my face which ruined any plans I might’ve had on that day. The second, third, fourth and so on flew by until today. One resoundingly strong realization I’ve had about my entire holiday is that since November 2014, I have had:

A headache every week till now.
A respiratory illness of some kind every 2 weeks till now.
An intense sadness which comes and goes or developed into depression.
Hot feet (which keep me awake throughout the night) every day till now.
Insomnia every few weeks which lasts for a week.
An intense loss of appetite (because making food is just too much work)
And a few more I can’t remember at the moment…

So overall, I’m a hot mess. The craziest part is that this was all caused by being at home and nothing else. When I’m in my college residence, I’m not plagued by any of the above symptoms. Can it be that my house is making me sick? Is it a real thing?

I really hope it isn’t. Even though I’m constantly ill at home, I’m rather fond of it. Of my family and my room, they make me happy. Life would be weird without them even though I’m going back to college in 15 days…

With Love