So college is actually harder than people make it out to be. There are various stories of college kids having the time of their lives, partying not studying (or even going to class) and making it into the top 10 students of their respective faculties and being all round balanced people… I’ve decided to call bullshit on the entire thing! Well, bullshit in regards to the life of a medical student.

Final exams are literally in a week and I feel like becoming a stripper is the best option for me right now. Someone needs to slap the person who keeps lying to high-schoolers and telling them that college will be a breeze! It is not a breeze, especially if you plan on becoming a doctor or a healthcare worker. Many a nights I’ve spent wondering why I chose this degree, it’s rewarding, yes do not get me wrong I love it, however the mountains I need to climb in order to achieve my ultimate goal might actually send me straight into the arms of night-corner work.

The levels of procrastination I’ve reached are unfathomable, I end up either tweeting my sorrows away, blogging my time to dust and watching (more like finishing) seasons of various whilst attempting to summarize work. The latter activity I’ve christened “Fake-Studying“, this is the act where you use your textbook to catch all the crumbs from your cookies and popcorn whilst horror movies alone at 2am on a weekday. (Right now, whilst I procrasta-blog my psychology textbook is catching the crumbs of the short bread cookies I bought only hours ago) My psychology textbook could actually have enough crumbs to become a new dwelling for insects, every single time I open it I have to shake it out the window just to get the procrasta-crumbs out. So gross I know but I’ve become a stress eater and it’s occurs when studying psychology cause I keep reading how screwed up I am due to my upbringing or my reactions towards certain situations. For those who want to study psychology, literally if you LOVE your perspective of the world, DON’T STUDY PSYCHOLOGY! You will literally end up unconsciously psychoanalyzing all of your friends and families as well as situations you’re in. Trust me, it’s not fun. I personally am forced by my degree to study it and I honestly dislike it. I was quite content in my psychologically ignorant bubble I lived in. I was never inclined to over think situations and find deeper meaning in them and ever since I began studying psychology I am unable to be relatively normal anymore. I miss the bubble, life was easier then when I was unwise to peoples malicious intent when they do or say something.

Anyway, I have to continue fake studying, the third episode of American Horror Story Freak Show is waiting on me!

With Love