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The Village of Sok Kwu Wan The Village of Sok Kwu Wan

Protecting the southwestern coast of one of Asia’s foremost financial centers from the occasional violent gusts of the South China Sea, Lamma Island with its heavily indented coasts boasts a life pace so different from the constant haste in downtown Hong Kong. A part of the Outlying Islands – groups of islands scattered around Hong Kong Island and Kowloon – the territory’s third largest island is home to just a little over 6,000 residents.

One morning earlier this year James and I escaped to Lamma, a 25-minute boat trip from Hong Kong’s Central Pier, only a few days after the Year of the Horse kicked in. Wading through the narrow waters separating the two islands, the boat moved in steady speed past the western rim of Hong Kong Island with a typical skyscraper-studded skyline of the island’s north, albeit less dense in concentration and…

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