I’m only 19 and on the verge of homelessness! A homelessness that suddenly appeared over night whilst I was comfortably staring at the wooden planks above my head (bunk beds FTW-not). And to think, just this morning, insomnia was my biggest worry!

Last night, at about 10pm, one of the House Committee people entered my room with a form for EXTRACURRICULAR INVOLVEMENT IN UNIVERSITY. Now for those who don’t know me, I’m not much of a sporty person. I love playing them but I’m not any good so most of the time I don’t make it on any of the teams. So when one hears that there is a possibility of being kicked out of my college dorm due to the fact that I suck at sports, the worry began to rise steadily towards the surface. As I stared at the form and vaguely listened to what the HK (house comm guy) was saying I began to realize that if I got kicked out of the dorm I would probably become homeless. Especially since my entire family lives about 1000 miles away, my mother (after a very short and expressive phone call) pretty much confirmed my fears of possible homelessness. Stating:

Residence comes with your degree…

In other words, if I’m kicked out of residence then good bye studying in a different part of the country and hello homelessness and a possible (non-existent) gap year to “find myself” which is code for “I kind of got kicked out of university and now I have to wait for the next year to reapply for a degree which will mean I’ve been out of high school for over 3years, the same amount of time as some degrees would take to finish but yes, I’m finding myself”. The thought is unimaginable!

I began to evaluate the method being used to free up space within residence. How is it possible that people who live a mere 5 miles away gained a space in residence? Those very people go home every second day or so, who are able to take home their laundry every weekend and drive home for random family dinners during the week meanwhile people like me only see family every 3 to 4 months for a short period of time, how and why aren’t they the first to be asked (kindly) to consider leaving residence to make space for unfortunate souls in situations like mine desperately looking for somewhere to stay in a foreign region of the country with no mode of transport with a failing infrastructure (in the area my campus is in, not what you would call upper class) and the possibility of looming depression? Surely all is not lost for those staying close by? Granted, residence is a very nice luxury seeing as selection is based on academic performance. Denying someone residence even though their marks are above average seems a bit unfair but if necessity calls for it I’d assume “unfair” ,in regards to those who live close by and have no qualms in repurposing the money used for a place in residence for fuel instead, would be disregarded.

That there is the main argument and issue of the entire thing, the fairness of it all. It all boils down to the “I worked hard to get the benefits however I did not reap the rewards” mentality. Personally I don’t think residence should be considered a “reward” seeing as there are pests and questionable all round cleanliness of the patrons (which I can go on and on about cause it’s really gross, like extremely gross). However it is. And those who live close by should be applicable. To be Switzerland in the matter is impossible however, seeing as many people around the country have been accepted in their respective degrees who, due to living conditions, would be unable to study further. The matter starts becoming grey in many areas, there are many flaws. Which I think the university should address.

Seeing as student housing is at an all time low, one would assume that, instead of moving one of the residences onto campus, they would rather use the money to build another residence for incoming students. Thus elevating the increased need for student housing for incoming students. Solutions lie in arms reach, most being the more easier route than forcefully removing students incapable of other means of lodging from their current dwellings. The matter just doesn’t make any sense to me.

However, it I do get kicked out, I shall make a fuss. Cause I personally refuse to be homeless at 19!

With non-homeless (for now) love