I’m beginning to think Bones and I have a common understanding, seeing as all their anime is right up my alley. After recently finishing Full metal Alchemist: Brotherhood I began to wonder what else is out there? What anime am I missing out on whilst I re-watch Eureka Seven every few months? And that’s when I decided to google “Top 10 Anime 2014”.

Admittedly, I ended up clicking on the very first link that popped up in front of me (Like I usually do) and there, in big bold words, stood the words  Captain Earth with the image of the main character just below it. He vaguely reminded me of Renton, with his Red and white clothing scheme and his messy kind-of-the-same haircut I had grown quite fond of over time.

This is the man charater from captain earth, Just look at him! Splitting image of Renton from Eureka Seven.
This is the man character from captain earth, Just look at him! Splitting image of Renton from Eureka Seven.

Being utterly conditioned by my love for Eureka Seven, I decided to give Captain Earth a try, Downloaded the first episode (which I had to wait FOUR HOURS for since my internet decided to go backwards in time and only download at 7kb/s from the usual 650kb/s- for the nerds out there that actually understand what I mean by that), got the popcorn out and pressed play. To my surprise, it was subbed. Apparently there was only a Japanese version out only. No English dubbing, I didn’t know how to feel about that seeing as I’ve become accustomed to dubbed anime since that’s all I watched. As I got into the whole subtitle thing I realized that I was actually enjoying the episode. The anime is vaguely about this 17-year-old boy who is able to pilot this machine called the Earth Engine which fights off this weird alien race that is attempting to land on earth, for some reason or the other (unknown to me yet since I’m only on like episode 3) there are serious repercussions if the alien race succeeds to land on Earth. Every interesting stuff if you’re into the whole advanced race thing, however the whole story has twists and turns that I’m slowly learning about as I watch. Such as the fact that no one really knows about the alien race, they just think that the pilots of the Earth Engines are just astronauts.

I would totally recommend the series to anyone starting out anime and who isn’t too sure where to start. It’s not as intense as some of the anime out there but it is however it is anime-y enough to get you hooked! Really interesting!


With Love