Just my luck! JUST MY FREAKING LUCK! About two hours ago, whilst walking back home from campus, my pepper spray and I had an argument. It got so intense that the pepper spray exploded in my hands and rendered me hands-less (intense coughing accompanying it) till I reached my residence. 

A Brief history:

Bought it about a month after I had moved into the college residence, since I was no longer driving myself around I needed some form of protection during the seven minutes of walking to campus from res. Since I walked back and forth a couple of times in a day I figured a tiny, palm sized, pepper spray that you could attach to your keys would be handy. Problem is that the pepper spray received a beating each and everyday and the continuous crowds of awed people (usually overly curious men) playing with its mechanisms did not help for its temperament (assuming it’s alive, which I now believe it is cause of the magical events of today).

The series of events:

I was walking through the car park, it’s quite a vast, flat area that could probably hold 400/500 cars, taking the most direct route to the little gate to the open street on the other side of the park. Towards the center (after finishing my chocolate bar-cheat day, don’t judge) I began to wander if the spray even still worked. I had had a bad feeling about the walk even before it began, I thought if I just try it out, just a bit, just to see if it worked still maybe I would feel better about the walk. So I did… it didn’t go to well. The spray began to leak a tiny bit when I pressed the button, so I pressed a little harder and that’s when it happened. Mini nuclear bomb in my hands, It looked like I had spray-on-tan all over my hands and the potent smell reached and blocked my airways (During this entire series of events I had not stopped walking, all of this happened whilst on route). Hacking and half choking, I reached the entrance of my res, struggled with the card, keys and everything else I had to open and ran straight to the bathroom with some dish-washing detergent.

The Aftermath:

After throwing my keys, pepper spray included, into the detergent water. I washed my hands (once cause back then I thought it was sufficient) … [WAIT THIS IS WHERE MY BIGGEST MISTAKE HAPPENED] … I rubbed my left eye… I RUBBED MY LEFT EYE because it was itching. Can someone please ask me why I did that? Please, please can someone tell me what possessed me to do that? But immediately after that, I touched my cheek and that’s when all poop hit the roof. I couldn’t even cry at the pain and burning. After washing my hands 6 times and still smelling pepper spray the burning sensation stopped. I flushed my eyes out with detergent water and eye drops. And sat on my chair in the sun hoping the sun would evaporate the residue from where-ever it had splattered on my body.


Since then I’ve dared to touch my computer just to share these unfortunate events with you, I have never ever ever been this bleak (unhappy and put off everything) in my entire life. It honestly ruined my day completely. Especially since it’s given me trust issues in regards to my hands. Every single twitch and itch on my face makes me hesitate for an instance before scratching it. I have fear that I might even be actually allergic to pepper spray and wake up tomorrow morning with half my face the size of Jupiter. That is one of my biggest fears. However, as I typed all of this, I realized that this would be an awesome story to tell my friends. Granted they might piss their pants laughing at me and my unhappiness but their laughter might improve my mood. Cause at the end of the day, dwelling on the negatives without even a tiny chuckle makes life quite unhappy.

And on that semi-philosophical note, I bid you adieu


With bleak-not-bleak-anymore Love