This morning, after having an awfully long night and an extremely early morning, I woke up to an email from the IT department in my university.

ATT: Now open: Google Student Ambassador program 2014/2015


Though it was about 8am and I was reeling at the thought of having to get up and go to campus (which is actually situated on the other side of the road), this email sparked my interest. To begin with, I wasn’t entirely sure what a “Google Student Ambassador” does. After a rather speedy Google search, I realized that this sort of program was utterly made for me! I honestly believe that they were thinking about me when they made the list of the requirements! Most being: technology oriented CHECK ,active Google plus user (which I am to promote my blog actually tee-hee) and be familiar with google products CHECK; involved at university CHECK… literally referring to myself in that entire requirements sheet!

Though it all seems so promising, they are selecting from all over the world. Which means that I’m literally going against millions of people. Such a scary thought! I thought applying to get into a college was the scariest thing that I had ever done in my life. The uncertainty of whether your marks would be competitive enough for consideration. The unhappiness evoked by rejection letter and the elation one feels after receiving the acceptance letter from another college is enough to drive someone insane! Now thinking about the size of this pool makes me panic a tiny bit. Worst of all, I’ve began my application however I’m missing the most important part of the application… the proof that I’m actually a student! What a rash right? I really hope by next weekend I’m able to get the application done!

IF I do end up making it to the end, don’t worry. I literally won’t forget any of you that support my small blog (hahaha said like a true  fame whore!)

With Love


P.s. if anyone wants to check it out here’s the link: Google Student Ambassador Program