In recent times, I’ve only just realized that I over commit myself to tasks. It’s not as if I’m purposely doing it, just that I feel that every facet of my life is required by everyone around me. From writing for the newspaper, my blog, to all the college societies I’ve joined even to the poetry and choir shows that I have lined up in the next few weeks; I just… don’t have any me time.

There are countless amounts of half finished blog posts sitting in the drafts file of my WordPress (I’d be surprised if this one even makes it to press). I honestly believe that I’ve mastered the art of procrastination, well one form of it anyway. My mantra, as of late, has been:

“I’ll just finish it tomorrow, I still have time”

Bad choice of words as tomorrow becomes the next and the next till the deadline is looming, my brain is exploding and my stress levels are so high they could give 10 people cardiac arrest.  There is, however, something I did finish within the past few weeks! Wait for it… Eureka seven AO and the OG Eureka seven. [hides behind blushing cheeks]. Nerd alerted myself there. The shows are so easy to get into, especially when attempting to study with EXTREMELY cheap (1cent per megabyte) internet. I actually can attribute most of my procrastination to the fact that the internet is so cheap and that anime is so interesting. Why cruel world, why do you have to do this to me?

Anyway, think it’s time I go at least attempt to finish some poetry.Cross fingers for me!

With Love