There’s something about being off WordPress for a few weeks that makes me feel so… so… lonely, life without blogging is no life at all. Well, for me, that is.

Who knew that blogging would become a part of me, a part of my life and a part of my soul. As you all might know, I’ve been at college for the past few weeks. My first year studying Physiotherapy (Best degree ever, just putting it out there) and due to that I’ve had NO time for anything but skype. I feel awful, because I have neglected almost every aspect of my life. 

My friends, my family, my boyfriend… well ex-boyfriend and my blog. Collateral, my ex… he got caught in the crossfire of my new fresh start at life and couldn’t fight off the encroaching darkness invoked by sudden change. The surprising thing about the break-up is that i felt nothing, no fear of losing him, no fear of being alone and no fear of falling into depression of some sort. Maybe I wasn’t as emotionally invested as I once thought, back when we were together and happy. It didn’t help that I had met someone new, unknowingly though. But he’s another story for another day.

Though I’ve been busy, the days have been good. A lot of raw fun mixed with a lot of procrastinating about studying. Am I the only first year who is having issues getting into the whole studying everyday vibe? Or is it a universal thing? I feel like the ultimate slacker, I literally spend most of my day watching Eureka Seven with a box of Oreos and Vitamin Water by my side. Why, oh why is the internet so fast and so cheap?! Also, why am I so addicted to Oreos? Is this normal? It’s normal right? RIGHT?!


I’m going to get fat…

With Love


image of renton and eureka
This is what has been eating my time