Note how I’ve changed my title from above to below. It’s been almost a week since I arrived on the steps of my college eager and excited from curiosity. However I have quickly learnt that I am back at the bottom of the hierarchy of student life. The once prominent superior senior in high school has tumbled (gracefully I should say) back to the lowest level of school life.

O-week, which is very misleading to a new first year since it lasts for 2weeks, has been the most physically taxing week and a half since I got here. Honestly I can say if I wasn’t eating so much I would’ve lost so much weight. On average, according to my S-health app, we’ve done over 14000 steps each day!  That’s about 10km’s per day. Hectic stuff right? All on foot. If I wasn’t invincible I’d seriously reconsider the whole university thing.

Anyway, everyday it’s a medley of admin, orientation meetings, house song singing, singing to other sonorities/residences on our campus and dance practice for Vensters. Everything is in afrikaans. Which is kind of a difficult language if it isn’t your first language. The thing that I love the most however is how seriously all the seniors take traditions and values of the college. Like first years singing goodnight to the seniors of my residence, Huis Kerkenberg. It’s all done in the name of integration!

Just to breakdown what I’ve been doing since the 22nd of January…

22nd: arrived. Unpacked… can’t remember

23rd: woke up way too early, had breakfast… all became a blur

24th: woke up again at the crack of dawn. Not too sure what happened next

25th: woohooo Saturday! Woke up early but that’s the only thing I remember.

26th: Sunday! Yay! Climbed up a mountain,  Lion’s Head. Literally! Burger King then the beach for some relaxation.




Burger King yum yum


27th: BIRTHDAY! A lot more walking around campus doing some admin. A few birthday songs. Awesome cake baked by our loving house mother! Spur for dinner!

28th: sick in bed. Missed out on the entire days’ programme. However did catch up on some much needed sleep. Which was good!

Can’t wait to be up and about tomorrow. Join in on the festivities!

With sick love