I don’t know what it is about airports that makes me so giddy. Maybe it’s the thought of all the foreign places the planes are scheduled to depart to? Or the diverse languages you hear in passing on the way to your boarding gate? I don’t know but I love it all. Even the smell! 
“Airports smell so clean” said the weirdo writing this post to her clearly uninterested mother. They’re the epitome of efficiency and the only reason I get to see the world.

View from above. Window

Whilst running to my boarding gate (because I’m never ever on time for anything) I kept thinking about the new journey of my life I’m about to start. University. Even the word sounds bigger than me. Tiny little me infront of the last stop of life before my parents cut me off and I actually become independent. What do you do with yourself?! I’ll tell you what! You take a huge breath and head straight into the deep end, even if you can’t swim. You’ll find your flippers eventually. Even if you don’t isn’t college meant to be “the best years of your life my child” ?  Paaaarrrrtttttyyyyyy! Woooohooooo!
Time to live recklessly, live as if I’m invincible (which I actually believe).

Though… studying sounds good. Sounds like my future. Too bad I’m impatient. This flight is only 1h30mins long but I’m already bored and it’s only been 30mins. Hmmm I wonder if the plane will really fall out of the sky if I reconnect my cell service… [Turns off flight mode]

If I don’t post again in a few hours I hope you know that it isn’t a hoax! And that my plane really did do what they said. (Gasp)


Before I do that, let’s have a few chuckles at the over exaggerated expressions of the air hostesses on the inflight emergency pamphlet. (Image below)


Also do people actually throw up in planes? A part of me feels like that’s another myth. Like I’m yet to witness it actually happen. I mean when you’re on a cruise every turn you make you’ll see a green face but on a plane?  What you will see is every third person getting up to rush to the bathroom. Which makes no sense cause we’re literally in the flight for an hour and a bit. It feels like it’s 90% of the plane getting up all at once forming a long line. What’s up with that? Can’t they just hold it?

Anyway I’m going to do it! Turn on my cell service. Cross my fingers and hope to live!

With fidgety love