Day 1
Blue Train Cabin

When my mother first approached me about going on a family holiday together I was skeptical. It really didn’t help that she insisted on getting there by train. Just imagine it! My freak show too-noisy-for-words family cooped up in a tiny cabin for 27 hours! It sounded like absolute hell. Though horrified at the mode of transport, the thought of Cape Town enticed me. The blue oceans and white sandy beaches. The fashion and it’s people and most of all, the weather! Okay, frankly the weather isn’t everyone’s cup of Early Grey on a Gloomy day but I weirdly enjoy it. The gale force winds, grey rainy winters, the intense afternoon sun and the warm evenings/Nights are what attract me the most to this City. In one day you can pretty much experience every single season, it’s kind of like me. Charming, I know!

Standing outside the Blue Train Lounge

Anyway back to topic, the Blue Train! Not even close to what I had expected, TBH, wasn’t expecting much (You should see the state in which the government trains are in, barf). It’s gorgeous though, inside and out. The suites, which are made for two, are tastefully decorated. Comfortable in size for two average sized people (so sorry Americans, it might be a tight squeeze).

The cabin when the beds are up

When I first entered,however, I was baffled. There were no visible signs of a bed or anything to sleep on. I could feel the panic rising as I realised that I might be sleeping, UNCOMFORTABLY, on a weirdly shaped couch for 27 hours! But the butler, yes you read right, quickly calmed my nerves. It didn’t occur to me that they’d be tucked up safely in the wall [stupid right]. Ingenious space saver!

Beds in the train

After comfortably getting into the whole idea of a train voyage, lunch was served. Four Cources of absolute bliss! But way too intense for my tiny tummy. Just the thought of four courses scared the living daylights out of me! (you have to understand that I’m the kind of chick who literally gets full after a starter of a soup or phyllo parcel). I only managed to eat about 2 cources before completely giving up. I think that’s really good though!  Well for me!  After lunch the day kind of became a blur and here I am, Blogging. About to leave for The Big Hole in Kimberley.  Going to be really fun!

With Excited Love