Who knew I would be blogging about Friday the 13th again in one year… my how time flew!

Yes, actually, I do know it’s Monday the 16th or Sunday the 15th [depending on where you are in the world but indulge me. I’m, in a sense, jet-lagged in the blogosphere. I’ve lost my blogging mojo in the past month and a half. I feel as if my final exams have stripped me of all my creative writing ability [dishwasher just finished, loudest beep on earth in a quiet, dark house at 01:45 CAT]. In a way I feel naked, bare, maybe even lost.
In a few hours, I embark on a train voyage to Cape Town. Hopefully I’ll get my mojo back whilst I blog about it.

But In the mean time…

Ps. My heart just sank, I literally only have 2 hours before I’m meant to wake up tomorrow. (CRIES) insomnia is awful!