Oh, how time flies. Has it really been an entire month since my last post? Where have all the days gone? The hours? The minutes? I feel as if they’ve all become one gigantic blur! Probably blurred from the tears I wept this past month.

For some crazy reason, a
silly part in me believed that these past exams would be the best I’ve ever written. I was terribly mistaken. Awfully, terribly and horribly mistaken. The amount of tears I shed and the hours I spent, depressed, in a dark room indicated how crap it really was.

That’s an entire post of its own, anyway I’m back now! Fully recovered from the awful shock of potentially failing life! (Final high school exams eepp!) And back to the warm welcoming arms of my dear wordpress blog and my wonderful readers!

There are quite a few draft posts waiting to be finished!

With warm welcoming love