After weeks of studying hard (kind of hard) and complete dedication to school work, actually repenting from the allures of Twitter WordPress and The Simpsons Tapped Out game, I have finally written the first exam out of my 13day 14 exams time table!

Mission 1: Physics
Result: Passed! (Hopefully)
The exam was not on the difficult side at all, the content was exactly what was promised and the questions were reasonable and fair. The allocated time however (drooping head) … wish I could have had 15mins more. Just fifteen… 3hours sounds like a lot but it isn’t. I can tell you, for certain, if I was given the extra time I could have gotten 100% for the exam. Oh well! Thank the lord I am FINALLY done with the whole physics thing!

Next mission: English first paper
(Laughs hysterically) … I wonder what’s playing on TV  today… maybe I’ll sneak in a few catch up episodes of American Horror Story: Coven.  And watch a few superhero movies (to motivate me, a shirtless Captain America can definitely get me in the mood to study! You know that moment when the capsule opened up and the scrawny Steve Rodgers was no more? Yeah! Favorite part of the movie, mind you!)

The northern hemisphere awaits me next year. EXCITED!!! VERY EXCITED!!

Anyway wish me luck fellow WordPress-ers. These are going to be one of the longest and most important two weeks of my entire existence!

With Scared (sort of) love