Even though I was born during the hey-days of Jamiroquai I am obsessed with their music!

Maybe as a baby I was dropped into Jay Kay’s arms, that would really explain my sudden overnight gravitation towards his voice.

The song that started it all was You Give Me Something from A Funk Odyssey , something happened to me on that sunny summers day when VH1 classics played the video.


  I remember my entire body resonating the music as I jiggled my hips  in tune with the music around the room. My heart felt as if it was going to explode from happiness! That was the moment when I just KNEW I had fallen head over heals with their music.

It was slow progress finding places to download their music. See, back then my countries Itunes store didn’t even sell music (so primitive right?!) So I pretty much hussled a few copies of their albums from music store workers and friends of friends, a whole black ops mission. ( yes you read right, girl + call of duty). I had to have everything!

Another song that stood out was corner of the earth, (audiable gasp) I swooned when I heard that song, I’m an absolute tree hugger – like strap-yourself-to-a-tree-with-chains tree hugger. It comforted me, maybe feel like I’m not the only one who wants to save the earth.

It tore me apart when I heard they were going to perform in South Africa, I just had to go, it was a few weeks ago, I couldn’t go. Had too much school work that weekend (teary eyes). Kind of makes me dislike high school even more.

Thank lord I’m almost done. One and a half more months

With love