My almost psychotic mom woke me up 3hours before my alarm was even scheduled to ring! I don’t even know if I should freak out or go back to bed. Worst of all. the sun wasn’t even up yet! And it’s summer!

You always hear slackers telling people how amazing life is living with their parents but who are they kidding really? All the nagging, bugging, annoying waking-my-child-up-to-study-50million-hours-before-she-had-planned-to (chuckles,  it’s so long) and favour asking really doesn’t convince me about the amazing-ness of not leaving the nest.

Yeah sure everything is free, you’re guaranteed food, shelter and love -on occasion- however, if your mom is just like mine, you’ll be begging to leave! She’s amazing! When my sleep isn’t being disrupted. Or when she’s not trying to get me to study at freaking 5am! But if I had the choice to leave my bags would be fully packed before you could utter the words “ready, set, GO”

But then again I have a good excuse to why I’m still at home (high school student, *sheds a tear*) what about the rest of you? Over 26 year old guys comfortably lying on their parents couch, eating fatty foods and watching reality tv, what’s your excuse?

It’s the saddest thing ever, no goals, dreams or ambitions. Personally,  being a girl attracted to ambition (even if their goals are just to get into good universities and not completely messing around with their lives) I find talking to men who are still at home very lack luster and unattractive. Even speaking to them in a completely friendly way just irks me.

Leaving the nest is my first priority! “Finals are coming”she said excitedly (NOT)

With love