Take a gander at their soul

(plugs in noise canceling earphones into ipod- looks into your soul)

It’s the most particular thing you could do, Observing people with noise cancelling earphones. As if you’re choosing the score for their life. The song that you play just might very well be exactly what the person is feeling. Or not. If you listen to a wide variety of music like I do…

Just moments ago I chose the perfect song for this guy I was looking at. His song was pound cake by Drake ( ft Jay Z). The beat, personally, makes me feel melancholy with a touch of nostalgia. He had this particular demeanour. Ridget tense shoulders. Slouched over his desk occasionally glancing at his friend who was seated left of him. His eyes were obsured by very thick lensed black rimmed glasses. He barely smiled but when he did his face lit up entirely. The creases on his cheeks even made me smile a tiny bit. Maybe because he looked just a fraction happier or maybe because his smile changed his song entirely. Who knows.

Anyway he left… my observations left unfinished. I sort of wanted to know more. Like how his voice sounded or how firm his hand shake was.

C’est la vie

With curious love