Gosh I feel like I have thoroughly neglected my blog this week. It was a very busy one! I’ll start from the beginning

16 September- Summer singing

Did my final biology practical exam! One down 14more (in TWO more months) to go! Exciting right?! It was a weird prac, we pretty much investigated the relationship between the growth of yeast in warm milk (yuck) and temperature over 30 minutes.  Not too bad. Hopefully… I think I’m the only person in the world who can feel really good about a prac exam and still fail dismally. Alas only time will tell.

After the prac I went to a singing competition. For school Choir’s (yep. You heard correctly. I sing! Not too greatly I must add. But passable) it wasn’t too far from my school but on the bus ride there I felt a little nervous. Being new to the whole choir competition scene we really didn’t know what to expect. And boy, it was intimidating. One choir. Hoorskool Lindin had like a million people in their choir! Compared to our measly 22 ensemble we looked very new-kid-on-the-block.

Look at them. There were so many!!

But in a whole I think my choir did really well for the first attempt! Hopefully they do amazingly in the coming years without our spoon feeding guidance.

I got insanely lazy when I eventually reached home (at 7pm might I add, 13hours since I left the house.) Did like zero homework. It was the biggest mistake ever!

17th of September- I digress(not)

Another loooong day at school. I literally went to school to play Candy Crush on my phone (damn you candy crush for being so addictive!) and download music on my school’s wifi. I found a loop hole which was throughly exploited by me ( don’t judge! It’s free wifi okay! You would do the same… don’t deny it!). I actually got a few albums. Drakes album – nothing was the same, the gifted by Wale, R.A.M -Daft punk, Ciara’s album, Calvin Harris- 18 months and Avicii – True ♥ (image below) and I love them all. As you can see I enjoy all kinds of music! I don’t really discriminate. If it gets my head nodding then it’s good music

Collage I made of the album art (chuffed)

Anyway after all my downloads I ended up staying at school till 7:30pm to talk to parents who were worrying about their children and whether they’ll sink or swim after choosing a select amount of subjects for next year. Boring! So so boring…

Got home, repeated my couch potato behaviour and rotted infront of the telly. Ended up NOT doing a lick of homework ( it was becoming scary how unmotivated I’d become by then)

18 September – I really do digress (finally!)

in short. I went to school, didn’t listen in class ( as per usual)  but after school I actually worked on the accumulated homework! Wooohooo! Proudly ignored and rejected the luring, flirtatious advances of my couch and did my science work!

Before getting home to work, I went to the food lovers market (  http://www.fruitandvegcity.co.za/province/gauteng/ ). I actually feel quite mischievous when I think about what I did but my mom went there for summer fruits and I completely put all the sweetly gorgeous contents of the bakery (hmm gigantic chocolate cookies. My weakness) in to the shopping cart. We ended up buying more unhealthy things than fruit (hides behind phone)!

Instagramed photo of the fruits we didn't buy

But yeah…Slept really late. Got horrendous bags. Ugly girl vibes

19th September- I see rain clouds over the horizon

Dressed up in cultural clothing for heritage day (public holiday in South Africa where culture is celebrated – on the 24th of Sept). In math we completely lost the plot. Started ignoring my poorly injured teacher (temporarily on crutches) and drew all over her white board.

Bear! Math bear!

The board has become a down right feud between the lower grades and us seniors. We have currently won the battle however, securing it for Matric (senior) use only!

Yet life is not as merciful as I like to think. My day shifted gears completely.  I went into another practical exam. For chemistry. I didn’t even know whether to cry or give up! It was not necessarily hard. But just a bit of a challenge. Time wise especially. If you had made a mistake chances are you wouldn’t have finished. (D’oh)

20 September.- Grim


That’s it…  that’s how I feel today 😦 there isn’t anything else to say honestly.

With melancholy love