Now that I’m feeling better I can actually get out of bed and eat (Woooohooooo!) That’s the best part of being healthy! Eating eating eating! food food food! Yummy!

I made a gross sandwich though a few minutes ago, I’m even traumatised by it. Okay, it was a sugar free fat free peanut butter and jam sandwich. I bet you’re wondering what’s gross about it? The freaking SUGAR free FAT free part. Ew *barf* I had to force myself to finish it. Never again! I know its pretty unhealthy having sugar ridden foods but shut up! It tastes good okay! (Covers eyes) – note to self get serious about your diet! Boy I wish it was that easy (tear)

Apart from eating (healthy fruits… hahahaha I wish) all day I sat infront of the tv. I watched this particular show on TLC called “My teen is pregnant and so am I” my word they’re so young! 14year olds are pregant! That’s the 8th grade in my country. Shockingly unpleasant indeed. They’re barely even in high school and they’re having babies! What is wrong with the youth of today? Why can’t they just keep it in their pants until maybe 18years old? And wear a freaking condom! They aren’t even expensive.  (Shaking my head). 

If my child came home pregnant I don’t even know what I would do… I’d be soo unhappy. I mean what happened to goals and ambitions. No no I can’t even think about it!

Anyway time to study!

With unhappily disappointed love

TLC show I'm watching