There’s something about being sick that makes the entire world around you act totally insane.  It’s day 3 of my flu bug and everyone has been freakishly nice to me (gasp!) I have been horribly delirious, sending texts to weirdos I often avoid and threatening to smack people if they tried to touch me.

Last night I think I even started hallucinating, about the summer rains. I literally thought I heard thunder and saw lightening! But I’m seriously not sure if that actually happened (wide eyed and confused) I officially hate being sick. The good part of all of this is getting everyone to do stuff for me.

My day today? I don’t even think you want to know honestly. It was boring cause I passed out and slept all day. (Laaaaame)

With sick hallucinating love
Retro ♥

Hallucinating eyes

Ps. Just found out Arsenal won the match! Yay! Gunner for life ♥