The days are beginning to become a blur. I honestly think it’s from all the repetition of school. The whole wake up, school, study and sleep thing. I can’t even remember a single thing that happened yesterday. Was I even awake? Barely breathing is more like it. Actually last night when I looked at myself in the mirror the shadow of my soul was evident on my pale exhausted face (ha-ha yes yes we know dramatic blah blah blah) but seriously! My face looked very much like L from Death Note on a good day! ( ) I really enjoyed that anime show. Death note, it’s quite interesting. The story line, in short, is about the way power corrupts the soul. How good intentions can become sinister from abuse. You should watch it if you’re like really gung-ho about anime. That and bleach.

But anyway back to topic, my day today… okay there isn’t really much new that happened. Finally getting out of the whole being-a-prefect (leader in the school for my non English readers)-thing so I have more time and a lighter soul. Oh and the best part is that I can actually have a relationship now! With the opposite sex even! *gasp* shockingly excited for that. I never had the time cause if it wasn’t school stealing my time it was the prefect thing. They never stuck around because of that silly male complex in regards to women in power (sorry to say!) or they just cheated.

I actually don’t want to get into that right now. Time will tell, hopefully I’ll find a cutie who worships the ground I walk on but who isn’t weak. Don’t want a moist guy (!

Anyway I should be doing my homework

With bored love


the way i looked last night