Had to be the longest day in my life. (Haha every day till school end will be the longest ever). No one will truely understand that statement. I mean I totally get it why people think just because they’ve gone through the same situation they know exactly how you feel. But that’s the thing…. you don’t cause I’m not you! Not at all. My mom looooves comparing me to my academic freak sister. Who doesn’t EVER fail *EVER!!*

Saddening right? 😦 oh well. Anyway my day went like this:

•Woke up at the ass crack of dawn
•Got to school insanely late ( lord knows why I was late even though I woke up SO early )
•School (twitter) school (Food) school (kik) school (music) *bell*
•Extra classes cause I’m academically constipated and suck ass at freaking math
•Football matches
•Home after being awake for over 12hours
•Studied for final exams
•Died of exhaustion

And the worst part is that I have to repeat this everyday for the next dozen weeks (*screams*)

(Sigh) I’m going to go insane…

With going insane love
Retro ♥