Today has been rather boring. I don’t even know where to begin to explain my boredom. How do you convey such emotions simply by writing?

Well I’ll begin at the beginning. I woke up rather late at (my normal holiday wake up time) 10:30am. You can imagine how many messages I had (total of 2… popular eh? *sigh*). I replied, got out of bed, removed the hideous retainers I have to wear for the next FIVE YEARS and took a nice loooong bath. The bath I must say was the highlight of my day, which probably doesn’t give you much hope for the rest of it. Actually after the bath I made a bee line to the tv room where I completely rotted in front of the telly watching movies. Gosh I watched this sweet but very gross movie about a GIANT FLEA  (yes you read it correctly. A bug that infests animal hair ew right?) Called A Monster in Paris. I don’t know how these children aren’t trumatised by half of the “kids” movies out there! Anyway after being throughly grossed out by the human sized Flea I watched a few other mediocre movies then took another bath…

And thats pretty much where I am right now. Lying on my bed bored out of my mind wondering what else could I possibly do… I mean I could do homework? (Hahahahaha good one) or read?  (Which I actually do enjoy doing) or I could blog. I decided to blog it.

With extremely bored love
Retro ♥


The official poster for the movie. Have to say the flea has a really dope swag in its suit there.