It is as if Kendrick Lamar’s album section 80 was made for me. Have you ever felt like that before? Where every lyric uttered by the artist speaks to you… speaks to your soul. Like you and them are one in the same? Yeah… that’s the feeling I get when I play section 80. My heart. My soul. My everything just resonates his music. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not a groupie. I’m just a fan.

Like No Makeup (her vice), how it’s about abuse. How women use make up to cover up not only imperfections but also the tell-tale signs of abuse. That speaks to me. Touches my heart. It makes you think about women in those situations, How difficult it is for them to leave… I weep for them through his music. And Fvck your ethnicity! Yes! Yes! Yes! The world needs to hear that, how ethnicity means nothing if people don’t give it the power to… if u understand…the world needs to hear it. We are all human you know. Underneath the skin we are all the same. So why is there such a distinction between ethnicities and race. Individuality? Is that why? … I don’t think so really. Cause if that was the case there wouldn’t have been any racial segregation throughtout the world…
I don’t know

The spiteful chant. The first one I listened to from the Album back in 2011. I really related to this song cause ALOT of people were hating on me. Lord knows why. “Some of you n*ggas acting like hoes” that line especially. Cause most of the hate was coming from boys (silly high school problems right?) Yeah but I got depressed … I think. Lost interest in everything I useto be passionate about.

Well now that I have throughly lost the plot… I bid you a good ado

With love


Section 80 cover