Its crazy how much work a blog actually is … like you get the impression that its as easy as boiling an egg, On tv, movies everywhere! I mean if Perez Hilton can do it so can I, right?

No, its a farce. Its all just a lie. A blog needs a dedicated 24/7 365 kind of person and lets face it… who even has the time to do that!

Take me for example. Last year in high school. Trying to get into university whilst juggling good marks, my failing love life and my thriving social life.  You’d think I have large chunks of free time… NOPE, none!

Who knew just doing three sort of mediocre (lets face it school is a sh*t hole) things could completely and utterly devour ALL my time. I mean I dont even have time to sleep!


Quit school. Alienate all my friends. Ignore boys.  And dedicate my life to faking it till I make it on my blog.

With Gigantic bucket loads of love
Retro ♥