Well Who Exactly am I?

I’ll tell you who I am…
I’m a girl…
Average looking girl…
Average looking girl who grew up in the 2000’s
Average looking girl who grew up in the 2000’s but now is legal to pretty much do whatever she wants except own a gun, that I’m still too young to do by law (shrugs)

Where am I from?

South Africa
Not the dirty brown grassland areas
But the big city. Loud cars; weird smells; drug cartels…
Mhmm Well not exactly there… I live in the suburbs, a rather nice suburb. With tree lined avenues and parks…
A gated community in Northern Johannesburg

What do I enjoy doing?

Hmmm… I’m a nerd I guess, a stupid one though (why is maths so hard?!) But I write, I enjoy writing and reading and comic books/watching movies
I’m a girl…
An average looking girl…
Who enjoys shopping
No. I’m INLOVE with shopping
And dressing up
And buying gorgeous heels ❤

What can I do?

Well like every “born free” [born free child in South Africa means I was born after apartheid was abolished, a few interesting articles on born free’s just google (www.google.com) ] I play an instrument, the piano. Affluence, it seems, is determined by what your child can or can’t do. All I’m missing is the Steve Urkle persona from Family Matters


Brace yourself!
I’m 1 out of 8 children from my father and
1 out of 3 children from my Momma’s side
Pretty much a walking stereotype minus the poverty and zero-wealth.
Absentee Dead beat dad who actually doesn’t give a F*ck about any of his kids.
Then my gorgeous hard working Momma who afforded the lifestyle I currently live.
Despite what science says, I was raised by a single parent I’m in quite alright! (I think?)


I am the opposite to the racial stereotype, I might be black but I’m not poor, my skin is more honey than charcoal, I’m not loud, I don’t care for having “the dopest ish out der” , I enjoy learning/school reading and writing. My friend group is a good balance of all colours. I’m not fat, I dislike home made chicken (from eating it way too much) and HATE KFC. And the Old school is my thing, the Retro. Funk music kaleidoscope of colours! Psychedelic! ❤

I am Retrofied ☺

With Love